About Us

As a kid raised in Dominica - "The Nature Island of the Caribbean", I always wanted to be my own boss, inspired by my dad. In 2020, I decided to do something fun that I loved – and the idea for designing my own clothing line came about!

I draw and design all of our pieces, and am proud to say that makes the designs custom and a big draw for those who like to stay fresh. GetYouDripped Apparel is for those people who like to stay fresh and care about how they look. "Affordable Luxury" is our vibe. 

GetYouDripped Apparel isn't just an urban streetwear clothing brand; it's a lifestyle. GetYouDripped is fueled by my creative spirit and love for looking fly.

We started with an exclusive collection of hand-designed hoodies and expanded into a sweatsuit collection. I spent the early days hustling from workplaces to trunk pop-ups around Atlanta, GA - making my mark with a collection of affordable luxury clothing.

Little 5 Points in Atlanta was a game-changer, showing me how much potential my business had. Challenges came, but I learned from them. Now, I believe the world is waiting for me to be great! Rooted in family values and guided by a solid plan, we're promoting style and aspiration. Join me in embracing the 'GetYouDripped' lifestyle - where culture meets fashion, and every piece tells a personal story.